Cindy could hear the screams from all the way down the hall. Reading over her file proved to be interesting. She’d had a long history of illusions and visions that others weren’t seeing. It was classic, or at least it was to someone that had spent most of their teen and adult life studying schizophrenia. Walking closer to the cell she looked at the guard standing outside of it and told him to remove his protective helmet. He wouldn’t need it and she personally hated them. 

After he opened the cell and stepped back to let her in Cynthia stood in the doorway looking at the blonde girl for a moment. She offered a small sad smile as she looked up at her. “I intend to. You just have to talk with me for a bit fist.” She reasoned before kneeling in front of her still a good distance from her. “I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to help.”

Lies. Alice could feel the rage bubbling inside her, pushing the panic away quickly. Doctors always lied. They told you that they just wanted the best for you but what they really wanted was an outstanding record with interesting patients. 

"Talk about what?" she asked, trying to sound calm. It was all she could do not to lash out. Blue eyes flickered to the case file in the woman’s hands. Eyebrows lifting up in surprise, she moved in a little bit. "You…you have my file?"


"No! Let me out!" Alice screamed, her voice hoarse from yelling. She was panicked. It was the first time she had been back in a hospital in 7 years. Already it felt like the walls were closing in. Scrambling back from the door, she curled herself into a corner, trying desperately to make herself seem small. Maybe she would go unnoticed. Maybe they wouldn’t come. She had fought them off once today maybe that’s all that she would have to do. 

It wasn’t a police man she when had killed it. Not it was a beast. It wasn’t a person. Why couldn’t they just believe her? The sound of the door opening caused her to jump. Her eyes met a redheaded woman, her face soft and sweet. Unfortunately, it didn’t take the edge off. Alice could feel the panic and anger rise inside her. “Let me go.”


Alice Liddell entered the psychiatric world when she was only the age of 9 after her home burnt to the ground in a fire that was deemed an accident by investigators. According to little Alice however, a beast from a place called Wonderland came to her home in the night in an attempt to kill her. She claims that it was this creature that burned down her home and this was not an accident. When she became more insistent, the aunt she had been sent to took her to Maudsley Hospital in South London for treatment. 

At first she became violent, furious that she was deemed crazy. She could not understand why her doctors could not see what she saw, a world fluttering on the edge of this one. Alice hated her care givers even more because of the danger they were putting her in. By locking her in one place, she knew that the creatures could get her far more easily. 

During her 8 year stay at the hospital, she had 5 accounts of attempted suicide alone with a stabbing of an orderly which she blamed on Wonderland. She was classified with paranoia, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies, and bipolar disorder. 

At 18, she broke out of the hospital and has been on the run since, jumping from city to city in the hopes of outrunning Wonderland. At the age of 25 she has only a duffle bag of clothing and books to her name, careful not to set up shop anywhere permanent. 

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posted 1 year ago